An innocent gift has the power to change everything

Malcolm Ward is a retired wide-receiver, NFL offensive line coach, and husband to one of the best wide-receivers in the NFL. His life is hectic and the last thing he expects is to walk into the bedroom one afternoon to find his husband sleeping with the pacifier Malcolm had jokingly given him a decade before.

Ryder had never intended to let his husband know that the gag-gift had become one of his most cherished possessions. He definitely hadn’t planned on ever talking about it, much less letting Malcolm see him using it. Unfortunately, he’s left with no choice when he wakes up from a nap to find his husband came home early.

Malcolm quickly discovers something Ryder has missed his entire life. How does he get his husband to believe that far from hating his pacifier, Malcolm is ready to be the Daddy Ryder didn’t know he needed?

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