It’s true that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar… but what if I’m looking for a unicorn?

Elliot’s life has been planned out for him: college, job, marriage, family. Going through life on autopilot, he’s rarely done anything for himself. When his sham marriage falls apart, he has to rebuild from the ground up and is faced with admitting the thing he’s hidden from everyone: He’s gay.

Nathan thrives on control and order. Having no say in the new attorney that was hired threatens both. Before meeting Elliot, Nathan’s made it his mission to run him off as quickly as possible. That is, until he spots him at DASH, the gay club in town.

Could Elliot be the unicorn Nathan’s been looking for? He’s never going to know if he doesn’t try, but the problem is going to be getting the quiet attorney to turn off his brain and just feel. If Nathan can find a way to be the Dom Elliot is just discovering he’s always needed, Elliot might just be the unicorn that changes Nathan’s life.

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