Courage is following your heart when your brain says run

“Boarding, two minutes.” Collin Harringford has delivered the penalty countless times as an enforcer with the Nashville Grizzlies. When life delivers the boarding, he’s forced home to sort out his grandpa’s estate. With his sister deployed, he’s left navigating the death of the only parent he’s ever known with the one man who’s driven him insane his entire life.

Jett Moore has a propensity for disorganization and forgetfulness. It’s no surprise Collin, who relies on schedules and organization, can barely tolerate him. Not that it matters. What would Collin see in an average guy with a keg instead of a six-pack and nothing resembling career ambitions, anyway?

Collin quickly learns there’s more to Jett than chaos. He’s the excitement and unpredictability that’s been missing from Collin’s life. With his return to the NHL looming over them, the two are at a crossroads and Jett’s insecurities threaten to force them in different directions.

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