"Do you think dragons exist?"

After fifteen years and two kids, Spencer is pretty sure he knows Grayson inside and out. Until a seemingly normal visit to DASH—their favorite club—has him questioning everything he thought he knew about his husband.

Grayson has always found peace in submission. But when he discovers age play, something missing slots into place. He just can’t figure out how to tell Spencer. So when Littles Night at the club is announced, he makes sure they go. Except, he doesn’t tell Spencer the theme of the night.

Running into acquaintances hadn’t been the plan. Neither had the feeling of rightness that settled over him. But what happens when it isn’t just age play that Grayson is drawn to? That leaves Grayson with a burning question; do dragons exist? And more importantly, what will Spencer think?

With a snow storm on the way, there’s no better time to find out.

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