Finding Home

At Home Book Cover

Finding his home means making the most difficult decision of his life

Be My Home Book Cover

A surprise snowstorm could derail all his plans

Coming Home Book Cover

Two best friends, one tiny condo, and a love that might destroy it all

Close to Home Book Cover

A new flame, an old love, and a choice that will change all their lives

Already Home Book Cover

Three’s their magic number, now to let their friends and family know

Home For Christmas Book Cover

Chaos disguised as Christmas has arrived, and it’s brought all the Scott brothers home


Desires Book Cover

Did the man who knows all of Caleb's desires just hobble into his life?

Curiosity Book Cover

A Dom, a pup, and a little walk into a club… what could go wrong?

Attraction Book Cover

Could satin, lace, and sass be enough to break through the ice?

Secrets Book Cover

Will their secrets be too much, or exactly what the other needs?

Submission Book Cover

Everything Dean knows about himself is about to change

Johnson Family Rules

Zander Book Cover

It’s hard to get what you don’t ask for

Nathan Book Cover

It’s true that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar… but what if I’m looking for a unicorn?

Seth Book Cover

Be yourself because everyone else is taken. But what if that risks everything you know?

Sunshine Ranch

Seeking Sunshine Book Cover

Everyone needs a little Sunshine in their life

Nashville Grizzlies

Dangerous is moving the new trade in when you have secrets to hide

Insanity is falling in love with your best friend when you're straight

Foolish is judging a book by its cover… or a hockey coach by his suit

Courage is following your heart when your brain says run

Nashville Parliament

I sent my boss into subspace before lunch. Now what?


Untamed Book Cover

Pretending to be boyfriends gets a lot more complicated when hearts get involved

Untamed Christmas Book Cover

For two littles, a Christmas playdate is nothing short of magical

Worth the Risk Book Cover

Two single dads, one small town. Is their connection a recipe for love…or for disaster?

Embracing the Storm Book Cover

"Do you think dragons exist?"

An innocent gift has the power to change everything