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About Carly

Carly Marie has had stories, characters, and plots bouncing around her head as long as she can remember. She began writing in high school and found it so cathartic that she’s made time for it ever since. With the discovery of m/m romance, Carly knew she’d found her home. She was surprised to learn not everyone has sexy characters in their head, begging for their stories to be written. With that knowledge, a little push from her husband, and a lot of encouragement from newfound friends, she jumped into the world of publishing.

Carly lives in Ohio with her husband, four girls, two cats, and 14 chickens. The numerous plot bunnies running through her head on a daily basis ensures that she will continue to write and share stories.

Connect with Carly!

Facebook: Carly’s Crew

Instagram: @CarlyMarieWrites

Goodreads: CarlyMarieWrites