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Already Home Chapter 1


Harrison groaned quietly as his orgasm built. It was muffled, and I could only assume he was covering his mouth so he didn’t wake me. I’d worked until the wee hours of the morning because my latest client had a late-night party. I’d ended up being an overpaid and overqualified bouncer. It was easy money, but I was too old to be falling into bed when the sun would be rising in under two hours. 

Knowing there were two gorgeous men waiting for me at home made it even harder to wait out the end of the party. I’d finally gently reminded the guy that his dad expected him at the office before ten, and he should think about calling it a night. Socialites were quickly becoming the bane of my existence. I hadn’t realized how much money was in Oklahoma when I’d asked to take on a few contracts for Oscar. The socialites were all entitled and spoiled, but the adult children of the oil tycoons were the worst. Thankfully, the current client seemed to have a healthy fear of his father, and I carefully chose when to use that information to my advantage. At a party after four in the morning was an appropriate time. 

That left me slipping into bed just after five, trying not to wake Jasper or Harrison who were cuddled together and buried under the blankets. The first cold snap was just hitting Oklahoma, and no one was ready for the chilly late-October air. I drifted off quickly only to be awoken an hour later by Harrison’s frantic whimpers.

I didn’t know how long they’d been going at each other but from the sounds Harrison was making, it had likely been a while. I dared to crack my eyes open and watched as Harrison pressed his fist to his mouth.

Jasper’s mouth popped off Harrison’s dick. “Shh. You’re going to wake Greg.”

Harrison groaned but whispered his reply frantically. “You’re killing me!” 

I don’t know what Jasper did, but Harrison’s eyes went wide, and he shoved his fist back into his mouth. When he finally got himself under control, he carded his fingers through Jasper’s short blond hair. “God, yes, do that again. Please, do that again.”

I diverted my eyes from Harrison and looked at Jasper between his legs. Jasper was tugging frantically on his own cock with one hand while his other hand was buried under Harrison. I assumed Jasper had a few fingers in Harrison’s ass while his mouth was on Harrison’s cock. 

Two months earlier, I’d never have believed that Jasper would be confident enough to be on his knees giving someone a blow job. Yet, there he was, and he was clearly enjoying it. 

When the three of us had fallen into bed together at the beginning of October, we hadn’t had any plans to make it a permanent thing. But it had been clear after just a few days that what we had was far more than a casual hookup for fun. A week later, we’d decided to see where the relationship took us. It hadn’t taken much time for Harrison to be in our bed every night. We couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. But, for the most part, Jasper and Harrison didn’t do much sexually without me.

It had never been a rule, in fact, I’d encouraged them to explore when they had time alone together. Jasper had been hesitant, and Harrison didn’t seem to be comfortable pushing him to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with. I was happy to see them initiating something when I wasn’t actively involved.

Harrison gasped as Jasper’s head bobbed up and down on his cock.

I couldn’t resist saying something. “You two are so sexy.” My voice was raspy and sleep filled, but it caught their attention. Harrison’s eyes widened, and he looked over at me. Jasper’s eyes flicked up to meet mine, and a wicked grin spread on his face around Harrison’s cock. 

“You were supposed to be asleep.” Harrison was still whispering like it would put me back to sleep.

“Um, my sexy men are all over each other in bed. Do you really want me to sleep through that?” 

Jasper hummed, and I didn’t know if that meant no or yes. Either way, Harrison’s hips bucked off the bed and Jasper gagged slightly.

“Sorry!” Harrison’s earnest apology was sweet, and Jasper doubled down on his efforts. 

“Aren’t you going to cum for Jasper, beautiful?” 

Harrison’s deep voice caught in his throat and he whimpered, nodding frantically.

I turned my attention to Jasper. “Sexy, focus on the head. Harrison likes more attention on his tip than his shaft.”

“Fuuuck,” Harrison groaned at my instruction. I liked to direct them, and it was something we did from time to time. Knowing I was watching but still not actively involved was almost as erotic as being part of the action.

Jasper lifted up slightly, letting his tongue flick over the tip of Harrison’s cock. A strangled moan escaped Harrison’s lips, and he dug his fingers into my arm. 

“Cum for Jasper, Harrison. He’s being so patient, but I think he wants to taste you already.” Jasper nodded as best he could with a cock in his mouth, and I heard him hum his agreement.

Harrison’s entire body went rigid, and he threw his head back. He let out a steady stream of curses, and I could see Jasper beginning to swallow deeply. I placed my mouth on Harrison’s and swallowed his screams.

Jasper tugged at his dick a few more times, and his orgasm followed Harrison’s, leaving a sticky puddle of cum on the bedding between his legs. 

When Harrison’s body finally relaxed into the bed, Jasper pulled off his cock. After giving his inner thigh a gentle kiss, he crawled up to the top of the bed and settled between us. We wrapped ourselves around Jasper and quickly drifted back to sleep. 

I woke up sometime later to Jasper wiggling out from between us. “What’s up, sexy?” 

Jasper looked up at me with his bright blue eyes and whispered so he didn’t wake up Harrison. “Gotta shower. I need to get to the office to do payroll this morning.” 

“I’ll go make breakfast.” I climbed out of bed and slipped on a pair of boxer briefs.

I stopped near where Harrison was sleeping before leaving the room. He looked so peaceful curled into the bedding. I brushed his hair out of his face gently, smoothed the blankets around him, and then left him sleeping peacefully. 

Jasper joined me in the kitchen twenty minutes later. I’d just poured two cups of coffee, and he slipped in front of me so he was between me and the counter. When he turned and slid up onto the counter and wrapped his arms around my neck, pulling me into a kiss, my dick began to harden. He may have gotten off already that morning, but I’d only gotten to watch my two sexy men have amazing orgasms and my dick was more than ready for some action. Maybe when Jasper went to work, I could go climb back into bed with Harrison.

Jasper wrapped his legs around my waist. “I love you.”

I nipped at his jaw. “I love you too.”

His right hand came to my chest, and he ran his palm up and down. “Sexy, you’re killing me. I want to take you upstairs and strip those jeans off you and—”

“Whoa!” A deep voice, that was decidedly not Harrison’s, gasped from the doorway.

Jasper went rigid, and my erection, which had been ready to play a few seconds earlier, was now flagging, but it was still not safe to turn around. 

Jasper hadn’t looked at the doorway yet. “Did you lock the door this morning?” 

“Marla gave me a key.”

Declan was one of my best friends, and I’d know his voice anywhere. I just wasn’t expecting it in Jasper’s kitchen first thing in the morning on a Friday. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing in Oklahoma, again, but he was there now, and we were going to be coming out as a couple for the first time.

Jasper unwrapped his legs from my waist, but still spoke directly to me, even though he was talking to his brother-in-law. “Is Ty here?” 

Declan let out a strangled laugh. “That’s what you’re worried about? Not that you’re locking lips with Greg? You know, one of my best friends?”

Jasper’s shoulders sagged in relief, and his head rested on my shoulder briefly. “I’m going to take that as a no.” 

I stepped back, pretty sure my erection was at no more than half-mast at that point, and I hoped my black underwear would hide it well enough. “Hi, Dec.”

Declan’s eyes were as wide as saucers as he took in the two of us. He’d finally stepped fully into the kitchen. He looked over at Jasper. “You’re straight.” Then he looked at me. “And you live in San Diego.”

Jasper’s eyes narrowed. “You were straight until you started dating my brother.”

Declan shook his head. “No, I’d always been closeted. Big difference.”

“We’re not going to argue over who’s gayer and for long. It doesn’t matter if Jasper figured out he’s bisexual yesterday or ten years ago.”

Jasper slid off the counter and stood next to me staring at his brother-in-law, almost challenging Declan to say something else.

Declan took a deep breath. “Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry. I’m in shock. How long?” 

“How long what?” Jasper snapped.

“I don’t even know.” Declan shook his head like he couldn’t figure out what to make of any of it. 

I jumped in before tensions could get any higher. “We got together the night we went to The Stick Pony when I dropped Nate off at school.”

“We hit it off quickly. Things moved fast. Then Greg started taking some jobs for Oscar, and he’s been staying with me.”

Declan blinked rapidly but looked directly at Jasper. “Fuck. I should have listened to that gut instinct that told me there was something there when you met at our place.”

“And you also told me he was totally unavailable.”

“And you told me you were straight!”

“I was dating Kayla at the time.”

“There was something there when we got to the bar too! I told you to be careful. How the hell did this happen?”

My head was spinning with the speed of the conversation, but I was getting frustrated at how accusatory Declan was being. It was like he didn’t believe Jasper could actually be attracted to men and didn’t believe I should be attracted to Jasper. I cleared my throat. “Sit.” 

Declan moved stiffly to the table and took a seat. I handed Jasper his coffee and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Go sit down. We need to talk this one out.”

Jasper grumbled but took his coffee to the table and sat as far away from Declan as he could. I shook my head at him. We all knew we needed to start telling people. Declan’s unexpected arrival in our kitchen had just pushed the timeframe up a bit. I set a mug in front of Declan and then took a seat next to Jasper. I made sure to brush my leg up against his so he knew I was there for him.

Declan took a sip of coffee and sighed. “Okay. I think the shock of you two kissing has worn off. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

There was the levelheaded SEAL XO I knew. This Declan was easy to talk to, and I could easily explain what was going on. “I was attracted to Jasper when I met him at your house after you got hurt. At the time, you’re right, I wasn’t ready for a relationship, he was dating Kayla, and half the country separated us.”

“I’ve never been the straight brother. It’s a label everyone else put on me. It wasn’t worth correcting everyone because I’d never been able to fully explore my sexuality with someone I was attracted to.”

Declan blinked. “So this isn’t new?” 

“I told you, I’d never been able to explore with anyone before Greg. That doesn’t mean I haven’t always been attracted to both men and women.”

Declan rubbed his head. “Okay, so you’ve always been bisexual, but you were attracted enough to Greg to want to be with a man for the first time.” It wasn’t a question. I thought maybe he was trying to work everything out, so I gave him time to process.

Jasper nodded after a minute. “When you took me out to the bar and I saw him again, I was just as attracted to him as I had been the first time I’d met him.”

When Jasper trailed off, I picked up where he left off. “We hit it off pretty quickly. You all were off having fun, so we took the opportunity to get out of there and get to know each other a little better.”

Declan’s eyes widened. “You said you didn’t feel well!”

Jasper shrugged. “We lied.”

“Really? You two?” Declan was still surprised, but he was catching on. 

We both nodded.

He tilted his head. “And you’re both happy?”

“Incredibly,” Jasper answered before I could even open my mouth. “Happier than I’ve ever been honestly.”

I smiled and squeezed his leg under the table. “It’s going really well. Jasper’s reminded me what it’s like to have an identity outside of being a SEAL and a dad. I’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve spent together.”

“You guys really love each other, don’t you? I mean, I heard you earlier, but you really do.”

“I love Greg. I can say that without any hesitation.”

“Wow.” Declan looked dumbstruck at the admission.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself. There’s a reason I haven’t rushed to head back to San Diego. I’m enjoying my time here, and I can’t imagine leaving now. The last time I felt anything like this was with Andrew. But the truth is, Andrew and I went so slow and it was such a gradual change, that it was never anywhere near this intense.”

Declan stared at his coffee for a few moments before he finally picked it up and drained almost half the contents. When he set it down, he looked up at us. “Well, congratulations then. Who all knows? Because I would have thought Marla would have told us in a heartbeat. Did you threaten her with her life?”


“Me? What do you mean, me?” It apparently dawned on him what Jasper was saying because Declan’s eyes widened comically. “Me? I’m the only one who knows? As in you haven’t told anyone?”

“Well, Harrison knows,” Jasper admitted.

“Harrison? But not Derek?” 

We nodded. “Only Harrison. He saw us kissing in the bar that night.”

“Kissing! You kissed at The Stick Pony? I didn’t know you had it in you, Jas!” 

He flushed and looked at his almost empty coffee mug. “Uh, yeah. I may have gotten carried away.” He looked up at the clock. “Shit, I need to get going. Payroll isn’t going to do itself.” 

I pushed back from the table. “I’ll get you a cup for the road.”

“Thanks.” Jasper beamed up at me.

Declan shook his head like he was trying to clear his thoughts. “Can I tell anyone?” 

Jasper shook his head. “Please don’t. I need to tell people in my own time. We need to make sure to tell Greg’s kids. And I really don’t want Ty and Derek to find out through the grapevine. Unless Ty is with you this trip, I may have to wait until Thanksgiving to come out to everyone else so I can do it in person.”

Declan shook his head. “Ty’s at home with the kids. I’ll do my best to respect that. Uh, I’m happy for you two. Really.” He looked at the clock. “I guess I better get going too. I have a meeting with Oscar this morning at ten.”

I nodded, finally putting the pieces together. “So that’s why you’re back.”

Declan laughed. “Yeah, Marla gave me the key because I wanted to swing by and see if you wanted to do lunch. I kind of forgot to ask that after seeing you two… well, yeah.”

I chuckled at his discomfort. Declan wasn’t normally shy about sexuality, but I could see that this was bothering him quite a bit. I had a feeling it was the newness of everything and him trying to wrap his head around what was going on. 

“Unfortunately, I’m working this afternoon. But if you’re in town for a few days, we’ll catch up.” I handed Jasper his travel mug of coffee as Declan stood up.

“I’d give you a hug, but,” he trailed off looking down at my lack of clothing. 

I chuckled. “Hey, we weren’t expecting company.”

Declan held his hands up in surrender. “I’ll always text from now on. I don’t want to interrupt anything.”

Jasper finally laughed. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.” He walked Declan to the door and told him goodbye. He shut the door as Declan walked to his truck shaking his head, still processing everything that had just happened.

“Well, that’s one less person we have to tell.”

Jasper laughed uncomfortably as he put his hat on. He opened his mouth to say something, but Harrison walked down the steps wearing just a towel. “Damn, orgasms make me so sleepy.”

I burst out laughing. Thirty seconds earlier and we would have been explaining a lot more than just my relationship with Jasper. I kissed Jasper then pulled Harrison into my arms. “We know, beautiful. We always make sure there isn’t anywhere we need to be before we make you cum.”

Harrison grinned and leaned over to give Jasper a quick kiss as Jasper opened the door. “Have a good day, Jas.”

“You guys too.” Jasper left, and Harrison and I went to the kitchen. We needed another pot of coffee.

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